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Hello everyone! I've got a rather curious question, how skinny is considered skinny for a Cham? I've got a veiled and he's healthy is every possible way, but occasionally he does show some ribs. That's when he gets angry n such and starts to 'flatten' out to make himself bigger. Is this normal or should him ribs not show at all in any situation? Anyone with opinions and pictures of real unhealthy skinny chams please post them so I can compare them! Thanks in advance everyone!! :))
Here's the best example I have of a seriously malnourished chameleon. Probably a WC I found at a reptile show a few months ago.


Being able to see the ribs is normal, chameleons puff up or whatnot and it's normal to see them. But you don't want the head and face to be sunken in (you shouldn't be able to see the bones around the eyes and cheek), to see all the bones in the arms, legs, or tail, etc.
With a panther, there should be fat pads on his head that protrude a bit - If the pads are concave /sunken in it can mean the chameleon is malnourished or dehydrated and is not in the best of health. The tail should be oval diameter, coiled at night rather than flaccid. the legs should have some meat/fat on them and not appear skinny.

This one looks a little dehydrated and under-nourished:

This one also
Hey all thanks for the replies. I guess I'm just looking too much into it :) makes u happy when u know ur chams a healthy boy doesn't it? :D
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