Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

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Nice! Hopefully the plants will grow in a bit more, but what is the substrate? Have you considered adding any leaf litter? It would feed the microfauna.
CJ's I have yes but aft the minute I'm torn between leaf or moss. It's a mixture between arcadia natural earth with nutrients and eco earth. The plants are starting to come on already it's looking good.

So I haven't seen very many pictures of chameleons in the repti breeze iguanarium if any at all. So I thought I would show some pictures of my male ambilobe in his new permanent home. The dementions are 48x36x18. It takes a lot of misting to keep up humidity but well worth it.

I realize this thread is ridiculously old, but I have to ask, how did the iguanarium work out? I've got the opportunity to buy one for $100, but I'm trying to avoid buyers remorse.
Hi guys, I'm new to this site so idk if I'm doing this right aha.
My panther chameleon has become an old 'lil guy and he's not like he used to be, its harder for him to grip the vines and he kinda lounges on the bigger vines hardly gripping with his feet most of the day. Sometimes he'll loose his grip and slip, it worries me that he'll fall and injure himself when I'm not there. (We have gone to the vets and it is all just down to old age)
So I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for my viv to help him out? I was thinking a hammock? I know they're mainly for bearded dragons but he enjoys lounging on the bigger vines without holding onto them, alike to a hammock, but I'm happy to take any other suggestions.
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