Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!


Here is my veiled chameleon "Chubbs" upgraded set up. Added a nice sized pothos, umbrella and dracena plants for humidity and for him to munch and hide in. He has gotten very friendly and when i open the screen door he climbs ontop of the door and goes right to my hand. Lol he wants to come out and play so often and has been very healthy and happy. His appetite has slowed down since he is about 8 months now. But he is healthy and strong. Drinks every day and will eat plants and fruits daily. Enjoy =)


Here is the new enclosure

Added some of the fake plants from his old one while waiting for the plants to fill in a little.

I'm searching for a decent size ficus for the left side, but so far all I have found have been to small. Even the arboricola was smaller than I hoped to find.
My newest one and working a two in one cage now. I have change some of plants around and got zoo med dripper insted of diy dripper. But still mostly the same.



Hi, i like the cage and the heavier, larger screen. I was thinking of doing something like this because my cham often breaks his nails trying to climb up the regular bug screen.. which is too small for him to grip. I feed mine mainly crickets, which i just let run freely in his cage. How do you feed yours since crickets would get out through the larger screen?
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