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Starting to build Chandler's adult cage, should be done before Christmas. Nov 20, 2017 at 5:23 PM

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    1. Jevin
      Starting to build Chandler's adult cage, should be done before Christmas.
    2. Jevin
      Another of Chandler's favorite spots is anywhere on my phone, especially when I want to take pictures of him lol
    3. Jevin
      So... Chandler is apparently an ass man lol
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    Apr 14, 1994 (Age: 23)
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Liquor Store Cashier
    Jevin Wutzke
    Favorite Species:
    So far Veiled and Panther
    I got my first chameleon, Daisy, back in early 2009, and she passed away roughly 3 years later, just shy of 3.5 years of age. She died of old age, although towards the end of her life, she had an infection on her tongue, but it was dealt with and she had recovered from it. She was a very over productive egg layer and would lay eggs about once every three months and clutches of 60 or more infertile eggs. She was my first reptile and I was very sad to see her pass.

    However, I learned a lot from owning her and a lot from the time she passed to when I acquired my second chameleon in October 2017. I learned that the enclosure given to me from the breeder I purchased Daisy from was sufficient, but also lacking. It did not provide many climbing routes or hides and had sphagnum moss covering the bottom, in addition to a reptirain, which according to the breeder would keep the humidity levels up. From my experience, the reptirain was never capable of anything more than a split up stream of water. The setup did however have a ficus and two pothos and was a mesh cage.

    Fast forward to the acquiring of my second chameleon and third reptile, a Panther Chameleon called Chandler Bing. I have reused Daisy's old cage until his adult cage is built, but have revamped it to give more hiding spots, more climbing routes, two large pothos, a drip system and I no longer have the reptirain or any mister, but still regularly do hand mistings. Eventually I will get a quality automatic mister, but for the time being, due to always having had a humidifier in my room, in addition to the plants in the cage, his humidity is kept almost constantly at around 60% humidity minimum.
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