not eating while shedding?


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Is it true that when they are ready to shed they would stop eating?
Its been 3 days since my 4 months old panther ate and he is still not done shedding. I am kinda of worried since he hadn't eaten for 3 days. Is this normal for a cham to not eat for that many days while shedding? the first time I saw him shed it took one day. So he resumed eating after that. But this time its taken him much longer. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Just keep him drinking with lots of warm showers. It will keep him hydrated while hes not eating, and make the shed flake off faster.
What's ur humidity at? But, like nightanole said warm showers/mistings. Its common for ygem not to eat during shedding.
think of your skin getting really tight then just popping off might be painful would you want to eat while that happens. i agree with the showers bounce the water off the wall and have it mist down onto a plant with the cham on it. temps should be about room temp not much warmer than that.foe about 30 minsor so. when its all done he/she will eat like a truck full of critters
Yes i would if i am hungry for not eating for 3 full days. I got your idea though.
Shower can be dangerous for young cham. I learned that from experience. I will mist him heavily. Thanks guy.
Great advice

I was also worried about my yemen not eating while shedding, I have been misting the Viv regularly but not over her because she usually shys away from it, but i just showered her with mist and she looked so relieved. Thank you again made me very happy. :D
Yesterday my little guy did eat but today he didn't eat anything and all I try to feed him but nothing my brother says that sometimes chameleons eat once a week or twice a week and he seems to be active and has a healthy color I'm just worried
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