New Mt. Meru Babies

Today I welcomed my second batch of babies in less than a month. On July 23rd my Werner's gave birth to 8 babies (I didn't even know she was pregnant). And this morning, one of my gravid Mt. Meru Dwarf Jackson's gave birth to 5 live babies and one "stillborn." I knew she was gravid because I asked for a gravid female and she arrived just last month. She is very tiny and from the length of her horn, I'd say she is very young. I have a Mt. Meru that was born last November and her horn is about 3 times as long as this mama's is. Anyway, I think the "stillborn" would have made it with a little help if I had been present when they were born. I found her attached to the side of the screen enclosure still in her sack. I will try to attach a pic of one of the babies, the stillborn (because, though sad, it is fascinating to see), and a pic of the mom. These babies are already as big or bigger than the Werner's. They are very active and alert.


Congratulations about the newborns babies! Thanks for posting pictures. Why have you got 3 baby Trioceros werneri on your signature if the female gave birth to 8? Are they all Okay?

Best Regards
Jeremy A. Rich
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