1. MeruJack

    New Mt. Meru Babies

    Today I welcomed my second batch of babies in less than a month. On July 23rd my Werner's gave birth to 8 babies (I didn't even know she was pregnant). And this morning, one of my gravid Mt. Meru Dwarf Jackson's gave birth to 5 live babies and one "stillborn." I knew she was gravid because I...
  2. J

    Which type of jackson is this male and female?

    Ok. Thank you to Chris Anderson for answering my last thread, hope he or someone else can answer this for me. There is a guy selling a breeding pair of Mt meru Jackson chameleons. Looking at the photos im convinced that the male is a Jacksonii jacksonii not a jacksonii merumontanus. The...
  3. J

    Anybody owening/ breeding Jacksonii Merumontanus in Europe?

    Anybody owning dwarf/ mt meru Jackson chameleons in Europe? Would love to get some soon if anybody will have some available. Maybe at Hamm in September or November. I'm in the UK and there seems to be nobody owning them!
  4. female meru juv

    female meru juv

    holdback female
  5. Breeder male adult meru

    Breeder male adult meru

    breeder male
  6. CBB female juv meru

    CBB female juv meru

    My holdback female
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