1. Big Angar

    Big Angar

    Week old Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus
  2. Pretty Baby

    Pretty Baby

    From my first clutch of chameleon babies. Born just over two weeks ago.
  3. 3 judgmental eyes

    3 judgmental eyes

    3 chameleons = 3 eyes looking at me
  4. Crested cham baby

    Crested cham baby

    ~2 month old crested chameleon
  5. Babyface


    Baby ambilobe
  6. IMG_6842.JPG


    This is when I first brought him home, right before he went into his enclosure.
  7. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    Panthro Posing For The Photo Contest.
  8. Hunter


    baby ambilobe
  9. The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    Return from the darkness.
  10. MeruJack

    New Mt. Meru Babies

    Today I welcomed my second batch of babies in less than a month. On July 23rd my Werner's gave birth to 8 babies (I didn't even know she was pregnant). And this morning, one of my gravid Mt. Meru Dwarf Jackson's gave birth to 5 live babies and one "stillborn." I knew she was gravid because I...
  11. zelink14

    New baby Panther! And some questions...

    Hi all! I used to be on these forums back when I had my veiled chameleon. But all things come and go... So, after years of waiting for the right time, I finally bought another chameleon - an Ambilobe panther chameleon from Kammerflage Kreations. Ambrose, as I'm calling him, is about 4 months...
  12. MeruJack

    Butterfly Enclosure for Tiny Dwarf Jackson's Babies

    I have five 6 week old Mt. Meru Dwarf Babies sharing a small Reptibreeze enclosure. They are very tiny and I am thinking that they may grow faster if I put them in separate enclosures. I bought five 12" x 10" mesh butterfly enclosures thinking I would put a small live plant and a few fake vines...
  13. Norcal55

    Baby Nosy Mitsios

    We had our first clutch of F2 Nosy Mitsios hatch out a month ago and they are looking great. We are having so much fun watching them grow :)
  14. TragicComic87

    New Panther

    My wife and I were thrown (almost literally) into the chameleon world earlier this year when a friend of ours gave us a female veiled to rescue. We did. She was near death and thin as a pencil. We weren't sure she'd make it, but she did and got very fat! LOL Unfortunately, she passed away...
  15. Norcal55

    New Babies

    I got a surprise a few weeks early yesterday. They started hatching at 6 1/2 months. I love babies! Theses are Ambilobe, 21 in this clutch and another 24 a month behind this one :D A sweating egg for those who have not seen one before. Once this begins the little ones are right...
  16. VigilantSpearIII

    Never give up hope.

    This ties into my earlier thread, but I thought I would make a new one. As I mentioned I had a clutch of new Xantholophus Jacksons. Now, I know many breeders that will not bother the neonates as they are being dropped, but in my experience, I do intervene. One thing that I think should be known...
  17. VigilantSpearIII

    Neonates...3 of a kind!

    I don't usually make threads...Still, I thought most of you members would appreciate this news. This is the first time that dates have crossed so closely. Ambilobe Panthers (Blue Bars), High Turquoise Veiled, and Xantholophus Jacksons...The Panthers were hatched on 7/25, the Veiled started...
  18. studio2eight

    Babies, Babies and more BABIES!!!

    Here are some of my Jackson's babies born June 14th. They are so cute and tiny, I had to share! Fruit Fly Photo Bomb!
  19. J

    Kinyongia Boehmei eggs hatching!!!

    Wife noticed today are K.Boehmei eggs are hatching after a little under 6 months! We have 3 clutches incubating and this was the 2nd clutch laid. 4 out all ready out of 9 eggs.
  20. cswan19

    Best place to get silkworms

    I want my baby chameleon to have more variety in his feeders but locally I can only get crickets and and mealworms as that is all my local pet stores offer. I only have have one 3 month old male veiled chameleon so I don't need alot. Anyone know the cheapest place to buy some silkworms without...
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