Kinyongia Boehmei eggs hatching!!!


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Wife noticed today are K.Boehmei eggs are hatching after a little under 6 months!
We have 3 clutches incubating and this was the 2nd clutch laid.

4 out all ready out of 9 eggs.

Wow, congrats!! 6 months? I was anticipating 10-12 months for my boehmei. What incubation temps? Have the rest of the eggs started hatching?
I incubated them at around 72 degrees.

I had read that people had hatched them in around 4 months with temps in high 70s but the babies had been weak and did not survive. And I had read that room temp should make them hatch at around 10-12 months.

So I decided that 72 would be best so they stay in the egg longer to hopefully make them stronger but not as long a wait as room temp. I predicted around 6 months.
Hopefully they stay strong.
Will check again soon to see if any more have hatched.
2nd batch is denting now so looks like more on the way fingers crossed.

Some baby pics:


And 1 with one of my baby ellioti (3 months old)

And ellioti on its own:

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