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    Kinyongia Boehmei eggs hatching!!!

    Wife noticed today are K.Boehmei eggs are hatching after a little under 6 months! We have 3 clutches incubating and this was the 2nd clutch laid. 4 out all ready out of 9 eggs.
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    trying out new camera on all my cham's (pic heavy)

    Been trying out my Dads new camera so thought I would share some pics. Male Ambilobe Panther (resting colours) (fired up) Female Ambilobe Panther (Gravid) 3 female Kinyongia Boehmei
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    kinyongia Boehmei eggs! Fertile?

    1 of my girls laid these today. Any thought on if they look fertile. I'm expecting them to be :-) And pic of mum before laying
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    What temps do you incubate kingyongia eggs at?

    I have 3 female k.boehmei, 1 of which is digging at the moment with hopefully fertile eggs. My plan is to incubator them at around 16-18 in a incubator and hope they hatch in 12 months but on a German site is says that boehmei eggs have been successfully hatched at only 4 months so I was...
  6. Kinyongia Boehmei

    Kinyongia Boehmei

  7. Kinyongia Boehmei

    Kinyongia Boehmei

    one of my Kinyongia boehmei breeders
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