Late Update: Razu's 1st Birthday!


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I've been busy lately and forgot to put this thread together, but I thought better late than never! October 26th marked Razu's 1st Birthday! I was so very excited for him so I thought I would share some photos with you guys on how he's looking now and a few to show how far my little buddy has come :D He has really been enjoying coming out and spending time with me lately and that makes me a very happy cham mum!
All of my recent photos have just been taken with my phone because my camera is broken, so quality aside, here there are!

When we first brought him home!

A month or two later (can't remember!)

And I'm skipping to right now :)

This one is a little blurry but I love when his eyes are all googly, I think he looks adorable!

And I tried to get a sleeping photo of him last night so here was my attempt!

AND there y'all have it, Razu is a year old now! Hope everyone is doing well and everyone's chams are happy and healthy :)
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