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Hi everyone!! It’s been awhile since I have posted as I’ve been busy with work! But Spike is doing well! He went through a big change this week so he is a little shocked, as we moved his home out into our main bedroom (before he was in the walk-in closet) and I think that might have been why he was having trouble trusting us, beachside he only saw us when we went in there to spend time with him/ feed/ etc. well we rearranged the bedroom and got a table to put my bearded dragons enclosure on so we moved Spike out to a new spot , where he is able to see the whole room and hopefully someday he will want to come out and explore the plants we got for him. But right after we moved him he was definitely a little scared and was hanging out on a different branch towards the back of his enclosure instead of his normal top basking branch. Well he has begun to come to the top of his enclosure more and check it out. I’m very excited to see how he likes it. Also gassing in some new stick and plants for him in the next week or so!! Also

Also I have a question, I think at times he may be able to see my bearded dragon, he is way taller than her (his enclosure is on a tall dresser) so I think he could see her but hasn’t shown any signs of stress or aggression or anything but just curious if anyone has had issues with that , tried to put him in the corner where he can’t see her but u see him looking in that direction at times and just curious if it could cause a problem. Attached some photos!!

Spike says thank you for reading.


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I try to block views of each other as much as possible, not just for the chameleons, but for the beardies too. In your set up, there shouldn’t be an issue, but be alert for signs of stress and try to have a back up plan.
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