1. Kira.png


    The best shot I ever had of him, his colours are beautiful and he looks relaxed.
  2. MarieMc44


    My handsome lil fella bunkering down for the night
  3. Rufi0

    Lytro Photography

    I recently picked up a second hand Lytro camera (the 1st gen) on ebay and have been excitedly playing with it. Could only get a few shots in this evening as Nosy wanted to start getting ready to sleep, but I think the potential for some really nice shots are there. I think my goal is to get a...
  4. ReptiGurl

    Sleeping Beauty & Update!

    Hello all! I hope you are doing well, I have been so bust lately I haven't been able to keep everyone updated with how Razu is doing. SO I thought I would let you know. His most recent shed has made him a little more on the pastel side, and tonight when I came home from work I was so happy to...
  5. ReptiGeek

    Archer and Naboo Square Off

    Okay, so for those of you who don't know, Archer lost all of his colours really suddenly after one of his sheds a few months ago. He has been brown (looking like a female) for nearly 3 months now. Prior to the shed he was mainly blue and green with hints of red and yellow. Well he just finished...
  6. Kittiekins

    What do you use?

    I'm looking for a new camera. One that is able to get up close and personal with my reptiles from a comfortable distance. It has to be a DSLR, but other than that, I have no idea. What are you guys using? Have any recommendations? Maybe I'll give my soon-to-be-fiance a nice tip to get for our...
  7. ReptiGurl

    Razu Recently!

    Hello everyone! I haven't done a 'Razu Update' since his birthday! My camera broke awhile ago and I was so lucky to be given a new one for my birthday last week, so I will try and post more photos more frequently! He shed a week or two ago, and it was long over due so that was exciting...
  8. ReptiGeek

    Happy Holidays with Naboo

    Decided it was time for some holiday cheer in my household. So out came Naboo for a little photo shoot in front of the fireplace. I'm going to enter one of these photos in to the December Photo Contest and I would like your guys' help for which one I should use. Thanks for looking :D 1...
  9. ReptiGeek

    Gizmo is so photogenic!

    Alrighty, decided to take a few shots of Gizmo while the camera was out. Side-note, he makes me want to get another veiled. Should I go female or male?
  10. ReptiGurl

    Late Update: Razu's 1st Birthday!

    I've been busy lately and forgot to put this thread together, but I thought better late than never! October 26th marked Razu's 1st Birthday! I was so very excited for him so I thought I would share some photos with you guys on how he's looking now and a few to show how far my little buddy has...
  11. ReptiGeek

    Quick Photo-shoot with Everyone!

    Two out of the three boys just finished a shed, so I thought this would be a good time to take a few more photos. Naboo and Archer are the fresh-shedders. Cheers and enjoy! Naboo Gizmo Archer
  12. ReptiGeek

    Update of the Gang

    Everyone took a turn on the free range, getting in some of the last sunshine Vancouver will see for the next... 8 months? Haha! Enjoy! First up, Naboo! Gizmo's Turn: And finally, Archer (we have come to the conclusion that he is certainly not pure Nosy Faly, if any...
  13. LLLReptile

    Free Photography Workshop at LLLReptile Oside!

    Want to learn how to take professional looking pictures without spending thousands of dollars on equipment? TODAY LLLReptile in Oceanside is hosting a herp club meeting entirely dedicated to JUST THAT! Bring your pets and bring your cameras, the guest speakers this week will teach you the...
  14. ReptiGeek

    Sleeping Beauty's. Let's see yours!

    Not sure if this thread has been done already, but I wanted to post a few photos of all my boys tucked in for the evening and thought it would be nice to see everyone else's as well! So feel free to post your photos as well. Cheers! Gizmo, 10.5 months, passed out. Naboo, 7 months, all...
  15. ReptiGeek

    Archer the Nosy Faly Update Thread [Pictures]

    Figured I would make an update thread for mine and Chelsey's Nosy Faly, Archer. He is sired by Bowie from Captive Creations (Mcleodschams). He hatched out sometime between April 2-12, 2013. We received him on July 11, 2013 at approximately 3 months. Both Chelsey and I are very excited to track...
  16. ReptiGurl

    Razu Update!

    Just thought I would say hello again! And update everyone on how Razu is doing! Today he is 8 months so I took some photos to show y'all how he's looking :) Hope everyone's summer is going well and your chams are getting lots of sun! :D
  17. ReptiGeek

    Naboo update! [Pictures]

    Okay okay, slap my wrists and rattle my bones, it's been a while. To be fair, I have been QUITE busy. I recently added a few new pets ( and I have been passing out every day after work. Please, enjoy these photos...
  18. cswan19

    365 Days of Malibu!

    So i came across ReptiGeeks thread of 365 days of Naboo and thought it was really interesting and a good way to track the growth of your chameleon. I had to do one myself. I originally wanted to wait until I got a better camera to start this project but I don't have the money right now so I...
  19. ReptiGeek


    Naboo! My Nosy Mitsio Panther Chameleon sired by Jupiter from Zen Reptiles (Brock). He is 87.5% Nosy Mitsio and 12.5% Ambilobe. I believe Jupiter is an absolutely gorgeous chameleon and I am so happy to have one of his offspring. I named him Naboo not only because I am a huge Star Wars fan, but...
  20. ReptiGeek

    Look what I won :D

    So I entered a pretty random photography contest that was themed "Holiday Reptiles" ANNNDDD I took home first place! My cousin sent me a link to the contest and it was on it's last day of entry, so I entered one of the christmas themed photos I took for Chameleon Forum's photo contest (worked...
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