1. Zajlol

    Kammer chameleon (Cortez)

    Hey every one I wanted to see if any one has a kammer chameleon from the sire Cortez if you do post a pic!!
  2. Zajlol

    update on my sambava panther(video)

    hey guys this is an update on my sambava he is now 6 months old and so much brighter!!! check out this video.
  3. Echoezra

    Finally changed my avatar pic for you! lol.

    Happy now? Hahaha. Also, got photobucket app to work (well, sort of - still can't totally figure out editing my albums, but was able to get pictures from phone to photobucket to here, and that was the point) So there are new pictures of Zelig up in the Photography section, if you guys want...
  4. thacarter

    Ambanja Photoshoot (Lots of Pics!)

    My cousin came over the other day and took some sweet shots of Marshall for his portfolio (My cousin's - not Marshall's haha). There are about a million shots but these are some of the best.
  5. blackbetty

    Mother Nature

    Spring is here and I thought it would be lovely to share pictures of Mother Nature and all her creatures in the wild. It helps on those gloomy days, to see something beautiful! This is my son blowing one of those fluffy dandelion weeds Here is the patch he picked it from This is a Robin...
  6. Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo, a two year old veiled chameleon, models for his owner's big scary camera.
  7. Fireside Festivities

    Fireside Festivities

    Naboo poses for the camera in front of the fireplace and lights in spirit of the holidays.
  8. Hey Kid, I'm A Komputer.

    Hey Kid, I'm A Komputer.

    Stop all the downloadin! This is komputer, my 9 month ambilobe panther chameleon. Originally from kammerflauge but I got him from a member here. Handsome fella!
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