Mother Nature

Spring is here and I thought it would be lovely to share pictures of Mother Nature and all her creatures in the wild. It helps on those gloomy days, to see something beautiful!
This is my son blowing one of those fluffy dandelion weeds

Here is the patch he picked it from

This is a Robin in a tree

This is that same bird on her nest on our deck

And here are her babies a few weeks later

And here is a squirrel in our tree

And here is the Hibiscus

It is bright red. I changed a lot to black and white as Im using them in a theme in my home. Now share yours and lets be in awe of what surrounds us!
Great stuff and terrific thread idea. I'll add a few, these were all taken with my lil point and shoot. Can't wait to start collecting goof shots with me new camera.

A Bobwhite .. You know the bird that says BoooOOBWwwhIIIIte......

A bear a little to close on a hiking trip

Blueridge parkway near mount Mitchell
Novice, LOVE the last flower pic. So pretty!

Glad you guys like it. Im gonna dig up a few more here if I can.
Here is one my husband took of a Dragonfly:

One of his paratroopers

One during a storm in NC

A random house where flowers grow on concrete apparently. ;)

And the Lone rose
Wow, what beautiful water!!! I have a bumble bee Picture too!

And a Butterfly on our Butterfly bush! Cant wait for them to come back soon!

And these are from the butterfly garden in Brookfield Zoo in Chicago last summer.

^^^^^^^^^This one is one of my fave. I have actually used this on the front of a card before after lowering the saturation to make it seem old fashioned with just ahint of color..Really pretty!
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I dont have myspace so I cant see:( Use photobucket to uplaod and then copy the IMG link and paste it here.:) You can resize there too if you click ont he pic once it uplaods and then above the pic it will says Resize and tell you at what percentage the pic is being shown at now.usually mine is 63% so I go with large if the item Im showing is a small thing (like the bumblebee) so you can see detail..:) I wanna see them though!

And thank you Candy.. Never thought of Bumble Bees as pretty though..they swarmed our redwoods when it was blooming and made it scary to use the front door! ANd yes, the Butterfly garden is quite stunning. Im excited to use my new camera..those were all taken with a point and shoot.
CMon, more pics!!!!
We had a Nasty nasty Ice storm a few months ago which is crazy in TN..and here are some pics of Mother nature being fieeeeeeeeeeeerce.

And some more pretty flowers.:)

LO. Its okay..Im super technologically impaired. Or I think you can use Or you can email me the pic and I will gladly post it for you with your name as credit.:)
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