Ambanja Photoshoot (Lots of Pics!)


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My cousin came over the other day and took some sweet shots of Marshall for his portfolio (My cousin's - not Marshall's haha). There are about a million shots but these are some of the best.



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My Ambanja Keith Peterson. My girlfriends brother is a photographer so I will get him to take some shots but this one is one of mine.



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I absolutely love several of them, I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. Very beautiful photographs and a very handsome model indeed!


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Thanks for the compliments! Not sure what type of camera or settings were used exactly, my cousin does photography on the side and has the best of the best I'm sure. Marshall is a little over a year old.


camera is a nikon d7000. 105mm lens.
fellow photographer and michigander here. these pictures are great


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First you guys get me to buy chameleons. Now I want a really nice camera!
You just gotta know someone who has a nice camera!

Tail shot is mesmerizing:D

Really Cool Blown up on a wall.
It will for sure be blown up on my wall soon!

I love the second to last one with the totally crazy eyes! Awesome shots and beautiful cham. :)
That one is one of my favorites as well. The eyes keep amazing me
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