1. C

    Possible tail issue?

    Hi, I've been on the forums for awhile but I just got my chameleon (Ralph) on Jan. 4 and I'm concerned about an odd brownish somewhat bumpy/deformed area on the tip of his tail. The store I got him from seemed to be taking good care of their chams (screen cages, real plants, knowledgeable), but...
  2. AdventuringChameleon

    Cracking/Chapped Tail

    Hello Everyone, Today we noticed that the bottom of Mowgli's tail is cracking and almost looks as if it is chapped. The cracking seems pretty severe. It doesn't look like there are any sores from it or anything, but there's some pretty significant fissures. He's sleeping right now and his tail...
  3. AdventuringChameleon

    Swollen Tail

    Hello everyone, We noticed that Mowgli's tail was a little swollen towards his rump. I'm not sure if this is normal, but we took a few pictures to try to show it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/106594926@N05/12698699434/in/photostream/...
  4. thacarter

    Ambanja Photoshoot (Lots of Pics!)

    My cousin came over the other day and took some sweet shots of Marshall for his portfolio (My cousin's - not Marshall's haha). There are about a million shots but these are some of the best.
  5. stupidcat2y

    Chapped Tail?

    Hey, My Chameleon Yoshi looked like he was having a normal tail shed but taking a closer look I see a little bit of trouble. It looks like his tail is getting chapped and cracked on the inside from (possibly) the cold and dryness around here. I do spray him lots.. but can anyone suggest maybe a...
  6. Stubs. Male R. Brev

    Stubs. Male R. Brev

    Here is a pic of my new boy Stubs! Showing off for the ladies!
  7. Curled Up

    Curled Up

    All curled up like a lollipop momma
  8. Standing At Attention!!

    Standing At Attention!!

    My baby Veiled Chameleon, Charlie!
  9. Heads Or Tails

    Heads Or Tails

  10. A Lil Tail

    A Lil Tail

    camo the veileds tail
  11. Quadricornis Tail

    Quadricornis Tail

    Walters Tail
  12. Seahorse Or Chamtail?

    Seahorse Or Chamtail?

    Tail of Calumma amber
  13. Mission Possible

    Mission Possible

    He would have made it but I still have him to this day
  14. Peace


    Clair makeing a peace sign with her tail
  15. The Tail Of Darwin

    The Tail Of Darwin

    This is Darwins tail (Ambilobe). I thought the shape he had it in was really interesting.
  16. Montium In Sleep Mode

    Montium In Sleep Mode

    Snapped this picture of one of my montiums after a rehydration session in the shower. Lost this guy recently though, he was wild cought and I had him for 3.5 years.
  17. Suriname Red Tail - Female

    Suriname Red Tail - Female

    She's about to Shed
  18. Concentric Blues

    Concentric Blues

    Midnight photo of Nosy Be/Ambanja cross from kammer's Bilbo. Lit w/handheld LED.
  19. Token's Tail

    Token's Tail

  20. Jake's Tail

    Jake's Tail

    Jake was tanning on his Ficus. I snapped this shot of his tail.
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