Cracking/Chapped Tail

Hello Everyone,
Today we noticed that the bottom of Mowgli's tail is cracking and almost looks as if it is chapped. The cracking seems pretty severe. It doesn't look like there are any sores from it or anything, but there's some pretty significant fissures. He's sleeping right now and his tail isn't curled all the way like it usually is, which worries us. It has been pretty dry lately, so I was wondering if the dryness could be causing this. We mist him at least three times a day, usually more; however the humidity in his cage has recently dipped down to the 30% range. I brought in a humidifier to try to keep the humidity up in the room and see if that helps. He has only been eating about 4 crickets a day, which is less than it has been in the past months, but we think it may have to do with the fact that we introduced him to superworms, so he's boycotting the boring crickets now. Is there anything I can rub on it such as vasoline to help it heal up? I'll grab some pictures when I get home tomorrow as soon as I can. We just don't want the little guy to lose his tail!
These 5 photos are the situation. It almost seems like he's just going through a partial shed, but he isn't treating his tail like he normally does during a shed and he's leaving it partially curled more than usual. The humidity is 90 in his cage now and I gave the tail a good warm spray to try to help it out. The tip of his tail is what I'm worried most about. It seems... frail, I guess.
Looks just like a tail shed to me. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I wouldn't leave your humidity at a constant 90% if that is what you are doing. That is too humid.
Ok. I'll have to just keep a watch on it. I've brought the humidity down to 70 and warmed up the room a bit. I'll keep giving him extra sprays. It's just strange because it's happening so slowly. He usually sheds most of his tail within an hour or so. Is that normal for a shed to take that long when they're an adult?
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