1. F

    Chameleon still having nose issues.

    Hi, This is a follow up to thos thread here (which is dated from January this year.) https://www.chameleonforums.com/black-mark-nose-possible-burn-nose-rub-137919/ One of my male panthers was having an issue whereas he had some dryish, scab type of problem on one side of his nose. As you...
  2. AdventuringChameleon

    Cracking/Chapped Tail

    Hello Everyone, Today we noticed that the bottom of Mowgli's tail is cracking and almost looks as if it is chapped. The cracking seems pretty severe. It doesn't look like there are any sores from it or anything, but there's some pretty significant fissures. He's sleeping right now and his tail...
  3. stupidcat2y

    Chapped Tail?

    Hey, My Chameleon Yoshi looked like he was having a normal tail shed but taking a closer look I see a little bit of trouble. It looks like his tail is getting chapped and cracked on the inside from (possibly) the cold and dryness around here. I do spray him lots.. but can anyone suggest maybe a...
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