Chapped Tail?


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Hey, My Chameleon Yoshi looked like he was having a normal tail shed but taking a closer look I see a little bit of trouble. It looks like his tail is getting chapped and cracked on the inside from (possibly) the cold and dryness around here. I do spray him lots.. but can anyone suggest maybe a cream to put on him to help him heal from the small cracks?


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Hey. Sorry for the late reply. The dry skin that was seeming to cause the cracks seemed to NEED to be taken off. It almost looked like it was cutting off circulation in places where the cracks weren't. Tail was slightly bulging out, so i gently took off all the dry skin ( without taking off scabs ) and as soon as i took off the dry skin that was stuck on.. yoshi's tail seemed to be back to normal.. but still with sores on it. He is able to use it and curl it all the way again and the sores seem to be healing easier now.


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are you saying the crack are a stubborn shed?
For your future reference, avoid manually peeling skin shed.
You can "help" hasten the process and loosen up such stubborn shed by increasing humidity (more misting, longer misting, etc etc) or by soaking your chameleon tail with warm water.

hope that helps.
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