Chameleon still having nose issues.

This is a follow up to thos thread here (which is dated from January this year.)

One of my male panthers was having an issue whereas he had some dryish, scab type of problem on one side of his nose. As you can see in the thread above, the vet was unsure (maybe nose rub) but after a shed his nose looked fine (although very slightly shorter on one side of his snout).

I have woken up this morning and this nose seems to have a few issues again.. it is very dry and there is a small scab (maybe one scale) on the side he is having issues on. I have applied some Flamazine cream and left him to it. I have never seen him nose rub so not sure how I can diagnose if this is what is happening. His temps etc are all fine (I checked this last time) and I have replaced his bulb to a 60watt (as it's Summer now) so it is extremely unlikely he has burnt himself as the bulb is not close enough and not hot enough.

Does anyone have any initial thoughts?? I didn't have time to take photos this morning but will take some at lunchtime.


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Is the new problem at the same site as the old one? Maybe he knocked an older scab off? Nose rubs can take quite a while to heal completely...several shed cycles to get rid of the scab. The original one wasn't severe, so hopefully he just managed to knock the same spot again. He could have done it by knocking against the trunk of a plant, against the top of the cage, almost anything. Putting the antibiotic on it was OK and should help protect it.
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