Quick Photo-shoot with Everyone!

Two out of the three boys just finished a shed, so I thought this would be a good time to take a few more photos. Naboo and Archer are the fresh-shedders.
Cheers and enjoy!






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Naboo is looking so very handsome. I love in those photos how he has a little water droplet hanging off his nose, adorable. LOVE Gizmos tail curl and as for little Archer, the shots are great, his nose is getting so long!
Thank you to everyone, so so much! I am so glad photography was once a hobby of mine, because my chameleons have brought that hobby right on back! I love capturing their change, beauty and behaviour.


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Travis your pictures do them justice! They are as lovely in person as in the pictures! I just love Naboo - he's got wonderful colouring and is so gentle and sweet. Gizmo's veil reminds me of a big comma - he's very handsome and his turquoise colouring reminds me of Camo! And Archer, well a sweeter babe there never was! Love him too...even if he's not a Faly!

All in all great pics of your Cham crew! Do you do photoshoots for hire? :D
Lisa thank you so much! I took photos for Julia and Reid! I would be happy to take photos of your crew, no payment necessary you crazy lady! =P


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Archer has the coolest eye color. it just stands out to grab me. Both are beautiful chams, and your photo are great.
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