1. Kat_72

    US Cross panther Females 7 months

    Beautiful Females available. Hatched June 1-7. Cross is 50 noseybe 25 Ambanja 25 Ambilobe. Parents were Kammerflage bloodlines. Asking 250.00 Shipping through ship your reptiles. These girls are already stunning at 5 months old. Eating dubia, crickets, superworms, hornworms (small), silkworms...
  2. ReptiGeek

    Archer's Side Portrait

    Personally I think Archer is starting to look a lot like Naboo. That being said, at 8 months Naboo had much more colour than Archer has now. Oh, I would also like to finally inform you all what locales Archer is. He was purchased as a Nosy Faly, but after a few short weeks I could tell he...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Quick Photo-shoot with Everyone!

    Two out of the three boys just finished a shed, so I thought this would be a good time to take a few more photos. Naboo and Archer are the fresh-shedders. Cheers and enjoy! Naboo Gizmo Archer
  4. ReptiGeek

    Update of the Gang

    Everyone took a turn on the free range, getting in some of the last sunshine Vancouver will see for the next... 8 months? Haha! Enjoy! First up, Naboo! Gizmo's Turn: And finally, Archer (we have come to the conclusion that he is certainly not pure Nosy Faly, if any...
  5. Fireside Festivities

    Fireside Festivities

    Naboo poses for the camera in front of the fireplace and lights in spirit of the holidays.
  6. Out For Lunch

    Out For Lunch

    Naboo snags an Indian Walking Stick insect during his photoshoot.
  7. The Lemonade Stand

    The Lemonade Stand

    He made me 25 cents.
  8. 4 Month Old Rusko

    4 Month Old Rusko

    Rusko is a 4 month old panther chameleon ambilobe amabaja designer cross. He's from Screameleons and he's awesome minus the colors, but he'll get there.
  9. Tarok Makto Taral "male Panthermorph"

    Tarok Makto Taral "male Panthermorph"

    My baby boy from Kammerflage Creations.
  10. Lazer Just Chillin

    Lazer Just Chillin

    my 4 month old ambanja/ambilobe cross,
  11. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday

    my new panther cross
  12. Spyro


    Spyro at four months
  13. Spyro


    this is my panther cross spyro at four months outside catching some sun
  14. Shedding


  15. Gotta Love That Face...

    Gotta Love That Face...

    Emit DOESN'T hate the Kodak... Isn't he cute?
  16. Camera Shy

    Camera Shy

    Emit doesn't like pictures...but he's so handsome.
  17. Ember Right After

    Ember Right After

    Right after shedding. She's growing quickly now that she's discovered her new favorite- Phoenix worms.
  18. Goodnight, Emit.

    Goodnight, Emit.

    Emit getting ready for bed.
  19. Goodnight, Ember.

    Goodnight, Ember.

    Ember turning in for the night.
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