veiled chameleon

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    This is when I first brought him home, right before he went into his enclosure.
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    Say cheese! It took so long to get both her eyes to concentrate but it was worth it for this beautiful pic this was when she was still so young (3 months)
  3. Baby Zenyatta

    Baby Zenyatta

  4. Sugybooks

    adult male veiled

    I recently started working way to much and have no time for my male veiled, needing help on selling him and finding him a home. Not sure what to sell him for or how Hes a premium veiled chameleon from FL chams spike bloodline his name is greedo He has plants lighting and a 48" dragonstrand cage
  5. Bath-time Buddha

    Bath-time Buddha

    Just lookit this lil' guy!! Gah, he's just the cutest...
  6. Watchful Buddha

    Watchful Buddha

    Always curious to know what's going on.
  7. Photogenic Buddha

    Photogenic Buddha

    When the weather's nice, he likes to sun on the patio & look super handsome whilst doing so.
  8. Flexing Buddha

    Flexing Buddha

    As Buddha get's closer to maturity (approx. 8 months here) he learns how to use all his beautiful colors. Here we caught him displaying for us!
  9. Sleepy Buddha

    Sleepy Buddha

    Snapped this cutie right before bed - sleep well, lil' mister!
  10. I am one with this flower

    I am one with this flower

    Veiled chameleon 2 weeks old
  11. Sun feels good

    Sun feels good

  12. The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    Return from the darkness.
  13. EmilyAlirezaei

    Chameleon Shirts $14

    Chameleons shirts for sale. 3 different designs. Panther chameleon, nosybe, and veiled chameleon. Contact me by e-mail at [email protected] $14
  14. Tymeleon

    Hydrating Your Chameleons

    Hope this video helps and shows you how chameleons drink! Hydrating Your Chameleons Thanks for watching :D
  15. Tymeleon

    Baby Veiled Chameleon Care

    Hey Guys! This video will show you how to care for your baby veiled chameleon! Baby Veiled Chameleon Care NOTE PLEASE DO MORE REASEARCH THAN WATCHING THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU GET A CHAMELEON!! Thanks! :cool:
  16. C

    Update on Chamy the constipated cham, not good

    It's been a looong process and a lot of dedication but we don't think he is going to make it. It's been almost 2 weeks now (2yr old male Veiled chameleon, got extremely constipated when a cold snap came through) He's been to the exotic vet twice, X-rayed, and there is nothing more we can do...
  17. The Bearded Derek

    Is this setup good enough?

    Just yesterday I finished making a new setup for my Veiled chameleon and so far I think it came it rather decent. His floor is repti-carpet (Those pebbles are there to push down the carpet, since it isn't completely flat, some crickets might be able to go under it, so I need to fix that. Should...
  18. C

    adult veiled barking? & 'frisky cham'

    I have been noticing some interesting behaviors the past couple weeks. My 2yr male veiled is going through a shed and I heard a barking noise. I thought I was crazy until my BF ran into my work room saying he just heard the chameleon bark. Cham was totally content. Is this a mating behavior...
  19. C

    nice veiled cham pics, now I want a jacksons!

    My male veiled cham is doing great, got him in march at an expo. Hes still eating good and is even drinking out of the cantina. He gets pissy when we take him out but after a minute he calms down. If we feed him every other day, the second day he will start scratching at the cage door like...
  20. LLLReptile

    Veiled Chameleon SALE! up to 50% off!

    Baby Veiled Chameleons - $10 off! $29.99 each right now Medium Veileds 50% off! Males AND females $34.99 each! BIG, beautiful adult male veiled chameleons - $40 OFF! $79.99 each Want to see all of our available chameleons? Click here to see the full catalog! -Jen
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