Razu Update!


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Just thought I would say hello again! And update everyone on how Razu is doing! Today he is 8 months so I took some photos to show y'all how he's looking :) Hope everyone's summer is going well and your chams are getting lots of sun! :D



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Wow! So handsome :) Very unique coloration. I love the blue on his casque/rostrum and the vibrancy of his colors... Obviously this guy is very happy and healthy, great work :D


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He is looking beautiful!!!
Thanks so much Carol!

So proud of this stud right here. Dudes got this biggest junk I've ever seen!
Lol you're ridiculous!

Where is this guy from i would love a male from that line!
Travis (reptigeek) got him from a clutch owned by Mike Knott. He is a local breeder that lives on Vancouver Island. If you got to my previous thread where I introduce Razu you can see a photo of his sire!


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Another update!

Razu still had a small piece of shedding on his eye, so he was rubbing his face and I caught him doing it! It looks like he's cuddling with the giant stuffed dog I have on my bed, so cute!
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