ambilobe panther

  1. amin estresado.jpg

    amin estresado.jpg

    A little stressed on his vet visit
  2. Practicing for the half time show

    Practicing for the half time show

    Ambilobe panther, 3 months old
  3. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  4. BuyAChameleon

    US Mango & Cosmo Ambilobe

    Mango & Cosmo Ambilobe Offspring Sale 50% off using coupon code Forum. Only a few left but they need to move! Hatch Range June 1-7, 2019 Sire Cosmo Dam Mango Coupon Code Forum Discount 50% How go to and use the coupon code Forum Sire Cosmo Sire's Sire Outline from...
  5. MarieMc44

    Question on bars, and not the drinking establishment kinds

    Question on bars, and not the drinking establishment kind Hello my Chameleon Loving friends!! My Panther chameleon is 4 (soon to be 5) months old. Can someone tell me what color bars he will have... or is it too early to tell? The anticipation is killing me and I'm not good with surprises...
  6. MarieMc44


    My handsome lil fella bunkering down for the night
  7. Psychedelic Chams

    Yoshi update! !

    Been quite sometime that I've posted here is yoshi at about 11 months old ;)
  8. katgraver

    sir george and his home

    I hadnt posted in a while so wanted to update...sir george is doing great ,he shed again...we got through eye challenges and he us digging his habitat... enjoy ! and thxs for all the advice along...
  9. ReptiGurl

    Razu Update!

    Just thought I would say hello again! And update everyone on how Razu is doing! Today he is 8 months so I took some photos to show y'all how he's looking :) Hope everyone's summer is going well and your chams are getting lots of sun! :D
  10. Pap

    Meet My New Homie Dexter.!

    Hows it going everybody.. I'm new to the forum and I would like to introduce you all to my new homie Dexter.. (named after the showtime serial killer) He is a Red Barred Ambilobe Panther. I got him right after christmas on Dec 28. I believe he was about 4-5 months old when i got him... I have...
  11. ReptiGurl

    Flickr 52 Weeks Project of Razu

    Hi everyone, So Travis (reptigeek) started his 365 Days project when he first got Naboo and I really liked the idea but can't always commit to a photo every day. Seeing as we take photos together all of the time I decided to start my own 52 Week Project focussing on Razu (4 month old Ambilobe...
  12. deadhd5

    Malcolm's Growth Spurt

    Hey Everyone! I got Malcolm the day after election day (two months ago). He was four months old and was a little ceiling clinging cutie: Two months later, tripled in size, looking like this! So fun watching these guys grow up :D
  13. froggielog

    Chamalot Chameleon Babies!

    Please post pictures of any beautiful babies produced from any of Chamalots bloodline! Any age,gender. I would love to see some from Mister Twister, he is my babies sire.:) :D:D:D:D Allons-y
  14. HermannChameleon

    Ziggy and Dusty in the Sun

    Here are a few pics of Ziggy and Dusty since their latest shed and their first time ever out in the sun... Ziggy aged around 4.5 months Dusty aged around 7.5 months
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