Flickr 52 Weeks Project of Razu


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Hi everyone,
So Travis (reptigeek) started his 365 Days project when he first got Naboo and I really liked the idea but can't always commit to a photo every day. Seeing as we take photos together all of the time I decided to start my own 52 Week Project focussing on Razu (4 month old Ambilobe Panther Chameleon). It's where you take a photo of the same subject once a week to track the progress and change. What better way to exemplify this by taking photos of a growing chameleon! Here is my album on Flickr:

Please feel free to follow along, comments are always appreciated! I will be uploading the photo every Sunday.
I will not be posting the photos in this thread, however that doesn't mean I won't post photos of Razu on Chameleon Forums, don't worry :)
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