1. ReptiGurl

    Razu's 2nd Shed/Update!

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and that everyone's chameleons are doing great! :) I just wanted to post an update on Razu, this weekend he shed for the second time since I've had him at home with me. He was a grumpy little guy for most of the weekend but now that he's all done he...
  2. ReptiGurl

    Flickr 52 Weeks Project of Razu

    Hi everyone, So Travis (reptigeek) started his 365 Days project when he first got Naboo and I really liked the idea but can't always commit to a photo every day. Seeing as we take photos together all of the time I decided to start my own 52 Week Project focussing on Razu (4 month old Ambilobe...
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