Happy 5th Birthday Beman and Newbie Inspiration


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Beman is 5 years old now. While I have seen him start to show his age he is still active and eating like a pig. So some of my favorite pics over the years...What an incredible journey he and I have been on together. Although this is one of the most complex animals I have ever cared for I do not regret getting him. The joy he has brought to my life is un measurable. He has gotten me through my low times and made me laugh at his funny antics. But what I did not expect was finding this community or the friendships that came with it. Being part of something amazing and being able to help people has truly become a passion and joy for me. Thank you to all of you that make Chameleon Forums amazing.

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I thought for those of you that do not know me I would share a bit about my journey. My name is Rebecca, I impulse bought Beman for my birthday October 27th of 2018. He was 4 months old and my first reptile. I had no idea the journey this one choice would take me on. I joined the forums November 27th 2018 after lurking. The first 6 months I kept making improvements as I learned more. It was a constant struggle of second guessing myself and what I was providing. Trying to do everything right for fear I would harm him.

This was my progression from October 27th 2018 to current enclosure. As you can see I made mistakes and I spent money on the wrong stuff too. Over the years I kept changing slight details as well.

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So for all the newbies and lurkers here. Please know we all start out somewhere. I hope seeing the progression of my journey will help you and inspire you to seek the answers and help you need from our community. ❤️
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Happy birthday handsome Beman! He sure knew what he was doing when he followed you that day and won your heart. You not only have given him an amazing life, but he spurred you to helping others and saving untold numbers of chameleons. You are both superstars in this community. 🤩 I wish you and the super awesome Beman many more years of good health and happiness together. Love you Becca! 💗
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