how much should she weigh?

ive been looking around for a good thread or resource to tfll me how much my female jacksons would be. im not quite shure how old she is, but she jus shrd cd is pretty skinny. havent really seen her eat more than 2-4 crix in about a week now:/ or drink much for that matter. shes about 2-3 inches nose to vent, and were looking to put some weight on her. how many calories does she need?:confused:

Your Chameleon - Female jacksons about 3-4 months old, has been with us for a month now
Handling - Every other day for about 5 mins
Feeding - Crix gutloaded, with cal twice a week d3 multivite once a month
Supplements - repti calcium and flukers
Watering - drippee and misting, i see her drinking.
Fecal Description - Urate is white
History - Is shedding eyes mouth and body, pet store cham good conditions. she hasnt been green in her cage though:/

Cage Info:

Cage Type - screen 18x18x24
Lighting - Uvb reptisun 5.0 all day off at night 75 watt basking light all day off night and 50 watt red light at night but were turning that off now (warmer)
Temperature - 80-85 basking 70 lowest area of cage i have 2 dial thermometers
Humidity - 60-80 hygrometer probe
Plants - Live pothos(3-4) spider(2)3 silk
Placement - Bedroom low traffic other pets in the room but cham cant see them they cant see her about 4 feet off the ground
Location - north eastern wisconsin

Current Problem - weight
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