1. SimonTheCham

    how much should she weigh?

    ive been looking around for a good thread or resource to tfll me how much my female jacksons would be. im not quite shure how old she is, but she jus shrd cd is pretty skinny. havent really seen her eat more than 2-4 crix in about a week now:/ or drink much for that matter. shes about 2-3 inches...
  2. gperlman

    How many to feed/ what to gut load with

    I just received my dubia roaches yesterday in the mail and I am unsure as to how much to feed my guy. I received a starter colony with tons of different sized roaches but i am only used to giving him crickets. He is about 11months old and is a normal weight panther. I used to give him around...
  3. B

    Should I weigh my Cham?

    Hi with my tortoise I have to weigh her every week and keep a track if she is losing or gaining weight. I can show the vet her weight over a period of time if for some reason I need to take her in. Should I do the same with my chameleon?
  4. gegeland

    Carpet Weights

    Hey, This question is for anyone that keeps/has kept carpet chameleons (Furcifer Lateralis) or for anyone that knows of an article that has some good info. What is a good/average adult weight for a male? Also for a Female? The search tool gave me no results. Thanks.
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