Eye has gone bad, please help!

Vet thought it could be an infection for a puncture wound. Medicine helped, but the infection returned but worse. I was wondering what i could do before I took her back to the vet.


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It is time to do a culture and sensitivity if one hasn't been done already. If this is indeed an infection the antibiotic has only knocked it down and not eliminated it. Getting an antibiotic that this is sensitive to may help.
Has she ever been given vitamin A from retinol? Still reading over your previous posts.


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C&S is a swab or sample from the infected area and it is then grown in the lab (cultured) surrounded by disks of appropriate antibiotics. The antibiotic that it doesn't grow close around is the one that is most effective against the bacteria. It is more exact than just picking antibiotics that usually work and trying them.
What supplement do you use? it might have retinol.
Her eye was infected (but much better) When she first came into my care. Was it have been something from their care that started all of this? The vet said the puncture was older than I had had her, but it seemed to have changed drastically. I did not receive her from a breeder, my parents surprised me with her from a local pet store.


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Could be a fungal infection or Needed more antibiotics or like Jill said one that is more specific to the bacteria. A swab to identify the bacteria/fungus should have been done by your vet. Not many vets have more than basic reptile knowledge or chameleon ailments. Thier are a few natural remedies that are anti-inflammatory as well as anti fungal however I would not feel comfortable recommending anything for the use on this eye without a swab.


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Wow, been along time since I’ve seen a full on cap like that. All you can do is to keep it moist with mist, preferably a saline solution. After that you can GENTLY attempt to see if the cap is loose at all. If it’s loose you can try to remove it With a qtip if your confident in what your doing. If not, leave it be.

If it’s still stuck to the eye, continue to irrigate the area until you get to the vet, preferably a different one.

Last time you used the meds?
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