Calling all kammer babies

It was a member earlier in this thread using the kammers photo. I dont know if they had permission or not, but I just throught I would point it out since most people dont know about the legality of it.
Krammers do allow you to post a picture of a sire for a chameleon you have purchased.
My KK Ambilobes

My chams aren't fans of cameras. This is Krakatoa, at about 4 months old. Sire is Son Tiger.

And this is my alpha dog Java. Sire is Thunder. She's about 5 months old and my least timid cham. She doesn't turn her nose up at anything I offer her, and I love her monkey antics. Usually chill, and not afraid of my hand. Again, camera.
Whats up guys.... This is Max and he is from sinatra's clutch. He is 4 months in the first picture and going on 5 months in the second picture... sorry for the sucky quality.. just have my old iphone cam lol.....



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heres ZULU during sun down , his sire is "Roa- Endrika" aka "Two-face":cool: he turned 1 year old not too long ago

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