Calling all kammer babies

Ed and Liddy Kammer are amazing people and breeders. Also a site sponsor.
I am so happy Chris you responded! Thank you. I think this thread is gonna be HUGE!
Kammerflage Kreations

Maybe we should add who the sires are? I didn't do that :(


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I feel really retarded what is a kammer... Someone asked me if I had one and I had no idea...
lol! A Kammer is a chameleon bred from Kammerflage Kreations(one of our site sponsors) they also go by the name Chameleons Only. I have a pic to post but am not on my regular computer with all my pics right now!!! Will do as soon as I can!


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I really miss the Nosy Be and the last 2 Ambilobes....I had to rehome them a few years back and just getting back into the cham world again...
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