Calling all kammer babies

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by SonTigerPantherCham, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. bridgofaith

    bridgofaith Avid Member

    Thanks Carol! =D

    Thank you Shawn! I always thought your Neptune was gorgeous, such a shame! His dad is Curufin.
  2. Thompson

    Thompson Avid Member

    Thanks Heather :) if the Kammers ever have a baby available from that sire I guess I'll have to buy one! That guy has some deep blues.
  3. Chamifornia

    Chamifornia Established Member

    Give me a week
  4. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    I know there are alot of owners I have spoken to, so no worries. I am sure people will be posting over the next week.
    Are you saying you have a new baby coming?!
  5. Leroux2008

    Leroux2008 Member

    Kammers are very beautiful bright beauties!
  6. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Romeo looking like the rainbow!!!

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  7. clarkrw3

    clarkrw3 New Member

    who is his sire?
  8. Jamielee

    Jamielee New Member

    Not a very good picture.. it was taken from my phone, but meet Hank! He's about five months old :)

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  9. pssh

    pssh New Member

    I dont think it's a goo idea to post pictures that are not yours without permission. Links would be a better idea.
  10. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    who is doing that, or would you rather not say???
  11. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Poncho, but as far as I know Kammers are no longer breeding him
  12. allencg101

    allencg101 Member

    look at those fat chubby legs I love it only 20 days and i get my 3 nosey be's from kammers they have awesome colored sire's and are great people to work with in helping you get their chams they even take payments for their beautiful babies!!!
  13. pssh

    pssh New Member

    It was a member earlier in this thread using the kammers photo. I dont know if they had permission or not, but I just throught I would point it out since most people dont know about the legality of it.
  14. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    Here is "jewels" she is a kammer. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1307907551.577801.jpg
  15. clarkrw3

    clarkrw3 New Member

    I changed it to a link....I would not have used it had the photo not specifically said who's it was and where it was from. But I don't want anyone to get upset over it so I changed it to a link.
    The only reason I suggested to know the sire or pictures of the sire is I find it very interesting to see how similar the babies are to their sires.

    Edit: With permission given I will restore the picture in my first post
  16. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    I've sent Liddy an email to ask her about sire pics
  17. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Liddy @ Kammers said it is more than fine to attach the sires photo, you don't have to link. It will be even more fun to see the Dads with the baby pics!
  18. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Liddy is such a sweet lady!!!
  19. Kevy Baby

    Kevy Baby New Member



    Sired by Celebrimbor


    And I want to get a boy from Fe-Lahy

  20. tyler

    tyler New Member

    This is Boomer my Ambanja from the Kammer's. He is almost 4 months in this picture. His sire is Hyamendacil. Unfortunately I might have to get rid of him in a couple months, I got the wife pregneant. Hopefully not, we'll see how hectic things get.

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