Calling all kammer babies

Kevy Baby

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Unfortunately I might have to get rid of him in a couple months, I got the wife pregneant. Hopefully not, we'll see how hectic things get.
LOL: Hopefully you don't have to get Boomer or hopefully your wife isn't pregnant?

(Sorry - I couldn't resist)

Vegas Chad

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We are lucky to be able to call them friends; we often refer our customers to them because they have such good stuff and we know that they will be treated right! The 2 and 4 pictures are the same red bar ambilobe, just fired up.
I will be looking for new pics!
Haven't even taken one of new Son Tiger baby, with krunch and all!
So I will post if you will!!
Is that kinda like we used to say " i'll show you mine if you..."???!
Sorry, must be my bedtime! :)
Thank you, thank you very much!
ignore me, for the first time in my sons life(and im pretty sure the last!) I let him play wii for like the whole day and I think my brain has dribbled out my ears!

Vegas Chad

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Yea, that picture that they have on the main page is awesome. They have so many cool things going on Ed may indeed be working towards some pink colors. *shrug* I want one! :)
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