Calling all kammer babies

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by SonTigerPantherCham, Jun 11, 2011.

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    who was mondavy a cross of?
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    My Oh My there are some gorgeous chameleons on here. Since I was a little kid I have had pets, then I raised pheasants. One thing was always true for any creature. Health and beauty of each creature really shows with breeders/owners who truly loves their beasts. For years I have admired Tree Candy and Kammerflage Kreations. This year we have been blessed to adopt a Kammer-Candy baby ambanja. Could there be a more perfect combination ;) I've been lurking thru pages and pages of this thread getting more and more excited to meet our first ambanjas. I keep looking at the two big, lonely dragon strand cages just waiting for little blue faces to be hiding in the plants. Can't wait to post their pictures on here! In the meantime I'm going to keep drooling over all of yours!
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    heres a little update on hunter after his first hatch day! IMG_2689.JPG
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    We had a few days of 70* so took Leif out for the first time this year! Of course they're calling for snow later now.. IMG_20180223_152452.jpg
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    This is my grumpy little ambanja Kammer baby. He has Kammer lines and Tree Candy so I'm excited to watch him grow. He never shows much color yet, just reds when he's telling me he's not needing his cage cleaned but I'm excited to watch him grow

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  7. This is Caden my 6 month old ambanja male I got from Kammerflage a few months ago. Supper excited to watch as his colors come in more as he gets older! He's from the Komet and Patsy Cline line.
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    My sweet little ambanja baby, Ruger. He's a Kammer-Candy baby. ♥️

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