Calling all kammer babies

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by SonTigerPantherCham, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. LindseyM

    LindseyM New Member

    Elazmo at 9 months old. (BB King x Raya) Elazmo 2.png
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  2. animjason

    animjason Member

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  3. drunknmunky812

    drunknmunky812 New Member

    This is Shinobi son of Manga-hay a.k.a Blue Heat. He is about 4.5 months.

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  4. nstd

    nstd Member

    Yay! I belong...

  5. Colors Galore

    Colors Galore New Member

    I am all in as well! Drum roll....

    This little stud is Johnny-Five. #KK_AlsoKnownAsBaby "Male" Hatch date - 12-4 to 12-18-17

    Sire "Ampiosongo-fantatra" (AKA Also Known As) - "High Blue Ambilobe"
    Dam: “Ngaly-raozy" (AKA Black Rose)
    Dam's Sire: Madio-maitso (AKA Clean Green)

    His colors are different constantly from darker and not showing white, sometimes really dark bars other times not. From full color blues and reds with whites around mouth and length of body. This little guy makes my day.

    I gotta say I have purchased quite a few higher dollar pets in my day. Not only do you get quality. The experience I had with the Kammers was second to none.. They may be the reason I add a second.

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  6. Monta

    Monta Established Member

    IMG_2820.JPG Here's Tyrion. We got him last Wednesday.Can't wait to see his full colors. He's 4 months old here.
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  7. Monta

    Monta Established Member

    Hi , I guess you can say we're family cus I have a little guy from the same clutch. I got Tyrion April 5th and I love him! And as for the Kammer's I agree with you ! Best people to do business with!
  8. Crashbandit05

    Crashbandit05 Avid Member

    The Kammers are awesome and it shows with their chameleons, customer service and support. Here's my 1 year, 2 month old male. IMG_20170413_154344.jpg
  9. Toddsnake

    Toddsnake Member

    This is Apollo! He's a Kammer Baby I purchased and I've had him for a month.

    WOW Crashbandit05! Hope Apollo looks that "Eye Popping" when he reaches his adult size!

    Dallas, Apollo 42 grams.jpg TX
  10. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    Here is Hunter, my kammers baby

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  11. coldnorth

    coldnorth Member

    My lil Odo was a Vincent baby. I miss him. Very friendly buddy. FB_IMG_1448080788813.jpg FB_IMG_1448080772598.jpg
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  12. coldnorth

    coldnorth Member

  13. Divinaa36

    Divinaa36 Member

    Hi! My male also came from the same clutch. I named him Cosimo, after Cosimo De Medici :)
    I suck at pics, but these attached are recent. He turns bright orange/scarlet/vermillion with a yellow belly when I let him explore high places. Normally he is green with blue bars and a deep red head and tail. He is super sweet and doesn't show any aggression towards me at all. He has gotten colorful with black bars twice that I know of: 1. First time meeting dog (last pic below) 2. Vet check up visit (lots of pets in there, I had to step out let him out of the explorarium to let him calm down and offered worms)

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  14. Chamson

    Chamson Member

    Summer 2017 Hatch Kammerflage - Sire: Albert King / Dam's Sire: Tar-Aldarion BonBon12.5.17.JPG
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  15. Crashbandit05

    Crashbandit05 Avid Member

    This was taken back in July but shows his brightest colors to date. It's so awesome seeing all these Kammer babies!
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  16. Kritter

    Kritter Member

    This is literally 2 1/2 months ago!
    010ED7F1-F70E-43AE-A9FF-25B7BCA4F1DA.jpeg 7E7DAAF8-C867-4D84-90E3-0360EE02646E.jpeg EC8696AB-A136-4C31-8ED8-6952A0955839.jpeg 0A553EC2-1420-47E8-8E86-00106E8DE699.jpeg Here are my 3 all hatched summertime this year. All 3 can look quite a bit different than they do in these pictures actually getting even more colorful which I am very happy with being that they were all June-July babies.
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    GRINCHO New Member

    Heres mine QUOTE="SonTigerPantherCham, post: 569374, member: 14001"]We thought this might be a fun thread!
    Anyone with a KAMMER baby please indulge us and post pictures of any and all babies you have, no matter the age!
    let's see how many there are of us that have a beautiful Kammers!

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  18. Toddsnake

    Toddsnake Member

    Here is an updated pic of my Kammer Baby. Apollo, now 10 months old.
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  19. Mitch77

    Mitch77 Member

    Some impressive looking chameleons you all have , hope to have some beautiful one's like this early next year!
  20. Kritter

    Kritter Member

    B9DC85C2-976D-488D-919A-3A398F74F3CE.jpeg 7CF79C13-5133-4AD3-8C36-FDEA9E84D7B4.jpeg E2F77A41-07D8-43F9-805B-79394AFE237C.jpeg C21E8346-4F2E-451B-9140-D4BEA17D8E35.jpeg 236892FE-AD32-4913-B7F5-EFD2E3314E22.jpeg
    They are all getting bigger

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