baby falys pt 2


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well all are out and doin good figured id take a few pics, its funny to see the attitudes on them already. like i said before im not sure if these are raidens first grandbabies or not but im havin a blast watchin them. the second clutch should be comin along here soon..


the one in this pic got pissed it was gettin climbed on its tail was goin in a circle an it kept inflating an deflating all pissed



Omg I want one so badly! They look great rob. Come to the Vegas show and sell one to me, thanks :)
very very cute. I would like to have one too but it would have to be a male. as I have one female already and she worries me at times. lol. make that 2 females!! lol
well my little babies are a month old alittle over for some an there doin great its sweet to have raidens first grandbabies"rest in peace raiden" Raiden an ben line how sweet is that? for those that know falys know what these are goin turn out like.. def no FALY BANJAS here..



Very nice rob! They're doing great and I bet they are all gonna be amazing as adults :) would be nice to own a faly from the Raiden bloodline :D
Wow they are really growing up , I like the pic with the one giving the other a piggy back ride lol
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