3rd one this week please help baby vielled


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ok so if any of u live in coloado u prob have been told not to buy from them but i wasnt told that till after i got my baby the first one lasted thru the night she was sleepin all day because she had a damn night light on her cause i was told that i have to have that and found out on here that was not the case she didnt make it thru the rest of the day 2nd one wasnt as active i noticed definatly i couldnt get her to drink or eat just sleep most of the day in little naps was not using the night light on her this time cause i had learned she didnt make it the next day either so now im on my 3rd one she or he is very active i watched it eat crickets yesterday and drink water plenty of times this one has been going strong for about three days now i will post pics as soon as i can this is my first little chameleon but have delt with reptiles before i have gone thru all the first newbie post and most freq question post i just wanna know if it looks like its doin fine for right now what do u guys think?....o and by the way the store is scails and tails
welcome to the forum - so sorry you are going thew this :(
I do not keep veiled , but (and this just could be the angle of the shot due to the cham looking up, with its head down) the eyes look a bit sunken - not horrid, don't want to make you more nervous , but otherwise, looks pretty good weight and color wise :) just be sure s/he is getting enough to drink - you can tell if its a boy if it has little spurs on the back feet, girls will not - I would fill this out (unless you already have done so ) https://www.chameleonforums.com/how-ask-help-66/ and post it in the health section, it will help see if there is anything you need to change - but it sounds like you got a batch of sick little ones- there is nothing you did that would cause the death in less than 24 hrs unless it was something way over the top- but you have a basic foundation for keeping them - so i am sure the little cham was sick when you got them - also, I would add other feeders, crix alone are not that good - you can try silkworms ,flies, horn worms and small roaches too :) best of luck with your little one
I put 4 little wax worms in a bowl for her there were only three when I woke up but she had already been up for hour so idk if she ate one I tried to grab some silk worms but they were out she is still being very active and drinking water today but I also did notice the eyes today also so im a little woried
eyes definitely look a bit sunken....are you using a dripper? My veiled will not drink from his dripper if i am watching...maybe give it a good misting with warm water (not too hot). Please fill out the how to form that little leaf has provided so that the community can better help!
Ok I will get on my computer and fill that out and she does drink from the dripper with me watching and she drinks from the water on the leaves
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - vieled, na, maybe 3 months. this is the third one since wed last week this one i got on sun as another replacement

Handling - i did on the way home just cause it wanted out of the box so bad lol then i was gunna wait till it got a little bigger to start handling due to stress.

Feeding - crickets tried wax worms yesterday put 4 in a bowl and there is only 3 left today so maybe she ate one of those. when i wake up i walk to the store and get like 5 and throw them in the cage. Havent tried a gut load yet.

Supplements - havent done any with the 3rd one yet just to see if that elliminated the problem cause with the first 2 the guy at the pet store dusted the crickets with d3 calcium i bileave.

Watering - dripper and mist. every couple hours i mist all of the leaves fo about 30 seconds and with the dipper its just a cup with a hole in it so its not constant and that i fill every hour just a little to drip for about a minute and she runs over and slurps some down. Yes

Fecal Description - There is some on the leaves and vines but i dont know what it should look like i will post a pic of some poo. NO.

History - dont know any really

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Describe your cage (screen) 16x16x20 zoomed repti breeze.

Lighting - zoo med, mini combo deep dome lamp fixture, 5.0 uvb 13 watt tropical(also zoomed)and 75watt zilla night black heat incandescent(this is the one i was told to leave on at night but soon found out thats very bad after the first little guy). 7am-8.30-9 and that is both lights on.

Temperature - What temp range have you created (floor 78 to 90)? Lowest overnight temp70? zoo med thermometer and humidity gauge.

Humidity - usually around 50. same as temp.

Plants -no fake.

Placement - living room. no fans.no air in our apartment, just me and my girlfriend. 3 feet off the ground.

Location - denver colorado
Her poop should be brown and white. The white part is the urates, if it is yellow it means she is dehydrated. I have a suggestion with providing her with water if she is drinking from a dripper that is great (mine won't) maybe try and make her a bigger one so she can drink when she wants. From my personal experience 30 seconds hand misting is not enough. It takes my veiled 2 maybe 3 minutes of spraying before he will start to drink so I mist for 5 minutes. This is just my personal experience so I can't say 100% I am right but it works for me. I am sorry about your 1st chameleon dying the same thing happened to me so I know how heartbreaking it is and then wanting to keep this one healthy.

It is important to dust feeders with plain calcium no D3 every feeding and with calcium with D3 and multivits 2 times a month. If you don't supplement her feeding she could develop a condition called MBD there is a lot on this forum about it. Gut loading the feeders also help to give your chameleon the best nutrition possible as she will eat what they do.

Good luck with her. Keeping asking questions and reading all you can and you will be surprised how much knowledge you can pick up.
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