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    Just Hit 9months

    He's looking great. Good job with him Sean! Get ready for the season changes. You may find him slow down a bit when the weather gets cooler.
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    9 month old panther sick?

    The urate should be white. A orange urate indicates that it is dehydrated. Try using a dripper and leave him alone with it on for an hour a day or so
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    Chameleo Estevez has escaped

    Hope you find him! I got a call from someone a month ago that lost his cham from the same clutch and he found her 2 months later totally find...
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    Need Help...Please Sex This Faly...

    Pam was right in saying if it's a female, she is a spectacular specimin. Eye color, awesome blue speckles. If it's in the cards, may be work out a way to keep her. Were all going to feel like a bunch of donkeys if we're wrong:p Don't think it's the case though.
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    Need Help...Please Sex This Faly...

    Red throat, no rosteral process, no bulge, color, Its a female. THe only thing that throws me off is the black bars. None the less, at that age, and if someone had a few male and females of the same age to look at, no mistake should have been made.
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    Not impressed with UPS shipping!!!

    I'm kinda suprised, In my neighborhood, I would never have anything of value shipped to me fedex, but my ups driver is great. He actually knew I was receving reptiles and the package wasnt obvious. He does try to give my dog treats though and my dog tries to eat him... LoL. He keeps trying...
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    Baby, Baby Sitter ->Soon

    Baby Cham, Baby Sitter ->Soon Anyone willing to take care of a couple dozen baby panthers in the very near future for me? Please Pm. 2-3 Days, no worries. All supplies and feeders provided...
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    The windstorm destroyed our awning.

    Your neighbors are living next to you illegally. You have a free pass;) Build what ever you want.
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    Effects of Mega-Ray bulbs.

    This site can give you an idea on the uv penetration and intensity of the bulb. To use a Mucury vapor light saftley you need to get a quality thermometer and either a uv meter. I use the zoo med ones and the temps and uv exposure were way off at the...
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    One of the most disturbing videos that I've ever seen!!!

    Charlieee....Chaaarlllieeee...Charrrrlliieeee. We found a map to candy mountain...We're going to candy mountain Charlieeeeee
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    Who here has a planted freshwater aquarium/s?

    eggs breeding tank eggs
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    Raoul Duke and Pumpkin Duke babies.

    They look big and healthy:cool:
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    Outdoor Living in So Cal

    The San Gabriel Valley has some good weather for Chams. Especially in the cities with a lot of trees.
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    Communist Homeowners Associations

    Ha Ha, At my old job I used to be a consultant for HOA's and i'd sit in on their meetings occationally. Some of the best drama I've seen. I had to excuse myself from some of the meetings to not bust up laughing at some board members. One job in Van Nuys, I actually helped 1/2 of a condo...
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    Communist Homeowners Associations

    HOA's do have you by the balls when you buy in. I've heard of HOA's selling peoples homes because they wouldnt pay dues/fines. It's in the contract;)
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