Show off your panther chameleon!


Hello hello welcome to another edition of:
Let's Help Sara With Her Research!

Please only post your chameleon if I have permission to use it for the sake of scientific drawing

I appreciate everyone who participated in my last thread about bugs and the ethical breeding of chameleons.
Next I will be illustrating a chart of panther chameleon locales! I will be illustrating the common colors, build, and look of each panther chameleon and their locales.
If you know the locale please make sure to let me know!
I would also LOVE to see any designer breeds and what their parents were so I can create an illustrated punnet square version.

In summary, post your panther chameleon(s) and their locale(s)! Ask you friends if you can share theirs too!
All updates will be posted on the campaign page for my research. All finished illustrations will be posted here!


*Grabs paint brush*
All chameleons will get credit for their portrait and I'll send each illustration to the owner!
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