Panther Chameleon tale problems


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My two and half years old Panther chameleon has been showing some problems with the tale for about two weeks. His tale seems to be rigid, particularly, he cannot lift the tale or curl it as before. Other then that he seems to have no other problems regardring eating and drinking. Also, we cannot see any deformity in the spine or in the tale. However, he can move the tale from side to side although not as high as before. When we touch the tip of the tale he can curl it a bit. May be he feel down but we are not sure about that. Please help us with the problem. Thank to those who gave us the suggestions and answers.

Take a peek at the thread at the top of this section and post as much of the info as you can. Sticky: How to ask for help

Also post photos of your critter and his setup to help us formulate ideas.

A fall can do lots of damage under the right situation. Sometimes even vitamin issues can be linked to tail problems.

What part of the world are you located?
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