My Precious Sadie Baby Needs Your Thoughts and Prayers


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Monday Sadie dropped 46 eggs from the top of her tree in her room. About half of the eggs were unshelled. I contacted my chameleon vet and he said it wasn't that uncommon. I gave her lots of misting and drippings, some liquid calcium and she ate a few feeders that day and I thought all was well. Tuesday Sadie's eye were sunk in and she wouldn't eat. I know something is wrong if Sadie refuses food. She has never refused any food before. Dr. Alfonso had me take her to my local vet for x-rays. Their x-rays are not the best but Dr. Alfonso couldn't see any left over eggs. Wednesday her eyes were not sunk in as much and that morning she still didn't want food. However when my husband came home for lunch she ate an adult mantis for him. We had been planning a long weekend in the Keys at our favorite vacation spot so I emailed Dr. Mader to see if he would check her out since we would be down his way and she had a 3:00 appt. for Friday. Well today her eyes are sunk in bad and she was offered a medium hornworm this morning and wanted nothing to do with it. I emailed Dr. Mader to see if he could possibly see her sooner and he wants me to have her there first thing in the morning and he is going to see her between surgeries.

Please pray for my sweet angel. She is so precious and sweet.
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Oh Jann, I can't express how sorry I am to hear that Sadie is having a hard time.. It is clear how much she means to you, so I know this is a hard time for you as well. My thoughts and prayers are with Sadie, and with you. She couldn't be in better hands.
oh Jann, so sorry to hear she is not well - I will pray for she and your family , please keep us posted on her, poor little girl :(
Oh lord Jann! Sorry to hear this!!! Hopefully Dr. Mader can work his magic and she will be fine. Keep us posted and try and enjoy your vacation!
Oh no, Jann. So sorry to hear about sweet Sadie. I will be sending positive thoughts. Have a safe trip.

Thank you everyone for all the kind words, good thoughts and prayers. I just left Sadie in Dr. Mader's hands.
If anyone can save little Sadie, you have her in the right hands. We will hope and pray that Sadie will be fine.
Thanks for the update Jann... I am closely watching for updates as you and Sadie are constantly in my thoughts.
Oh my gosh Jann, I just saw this. I had no idea you were having trouble with your little Sadie.... I truly hope Dr. Mader can find out what's wrong with her. It's always best to know so appropriate treatment can begin!!!
I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers to your girl!!!
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