my new furcifer pardalis ambanja


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Hi just wanted to share some finally decent pics I got of my new guy that I got from a reptile zoo/store (little ray's reptiles) in Ottawa. They were sold to ray's from Connie Dorval from arboreal exotics, she's an author/breeder, one of the most reputable in Canada from what I was told, the chams you see in the Telus commercials are hers so I trust mine is from a good source. I emailed her asking for pictures of the father but she replied that she doesn't really deal with the public and didn't have time for that sort of thing but said the father of the clutch was a blue with blue barring ambanja so I trust mine will turn out nice. He's already shown me several color 'moods' or 'stages' and here are two of them.

two first pictures obviously taken on a crappier camera.. lol


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