Male Veiled Chameleon For Sale

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My name is Nic and my phone number is (419) 215-9201. please call or text me with any questions, offers, help needed, or more pictures you want of my chameleon.

I am selling my male veiled chameleon chameleon. He is in excellent condition, extremely healthy, a good eater, and has great color. He eats mealworms and crickets (always dusted with Repashy Calcium plus).

I would like to sell him because I am going to college in the fall and just don't feel that I can give him the adequate care that he needs and should have with how busy I will be. I also have everything you need for him to do great (and a little more).

Below I will list everything I have. I would like to sell it all together for around $350.

Chameleon male, about two years old, and healthy.
Cage 16x16x30
Fake Plants
Double Light Fixture its nice, has two individual switches and works great!
Single light fixture It's nice and also comes with a clamp
Eco Earth mix water and this brick and it turns into great bottom material that resembles the forest and keeps moisture in like crazy!
Bulbs UVB, UVA, and moonlight
Water sprayer
Water Dripper
Fluker's cricket quencher
Repashy Calcium plus This is what I use
Fluker's Calcium with vitamin D3 I used to use but this quit after buying the repashy
Fluker's Repta rinseincase of an eye infection or problem.
Temperature and Humidity Gage


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