Giant Outdoor Chameleon Cage

Action Jackson

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Here are some pictures of my newly completed Chameleon cage. This build has has been in the works for over a year and I've spent the last couple months working on it whenever I had time. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.:)
There is also a link to more pictures in my blog in my signature line.








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That is simply amazing. Love the craftsmanship put into that beautiful piece. Great work on that.

What did you stain it with and weatherproof?


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very very nice! My outdoor cage is about 1/6 of that(if even) and I thought mine was cool! You chams gotta be loving li!


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Oh my goodness!

I believe this is the part where ten tons of jealousy kicks in....yep. Congrats!!! :D


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ok thats damn amazing ... i would personally live inside it !!! damn cool! nice work there ! i really love the misting system and how you made it !!!
this goes on my wish list !!! it cant imagine anything else better than what you have done! Grate Job!!!


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Absolutely Beautiful!! I am in complete awe of your outdoor enclosure! I bet your chams are very happy to live in such a castle!
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