chameleon gasping

hello everyone. I have had all my husbandry checked, just a heads up there.

Today it was so nice outside, high of about 80, sunny and breezy. i took my chameleon outside like i always do on nice days here in miami. he seemed 100% normal all day long, i was outside with him.

at 630 pm, i went to get him from his outdoor cage to take him into his indoor cage, and i caught him gasping. he gave me three big gasps which ive never seen him do before. i misted the cage as i always do before bedtime, and he is in there now hunkering down for bed.

not sure what this could be from, or what behavior its displaying, but his food and lights have been good for the last year of his life and nothing has changed much outside of updating vitamins and food
So was he outside in full sun? 80 outside is one thing but 80 exposed to full sun will be quite a bit warmer. So when they go back inside out of the more intense heat it can take a bit for them to acclimate their body back to cooler temps.
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