:eek:I live in Arizona where it is hot and is this to hot for a veiled.


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I am working on getting one and does any one know if a drop just down from 85 degrees down to 80 is to hot. It would be like this for at least 2 months a year. And does anyone know how to keep humidity in a room. I wont get it this summer but for next year is it OK or should i get a cheap a/c unit somewhere. And just for my sisters sake veiled don't turn pink do they
Veilds live in a fairly hot climate. you dont need to keep the whole room humid just where the cham is being kept ( his cage ). if in a screen cage use live plants and mist often. a pink veild might be a problem ! ! !:confused: no they do not turn pink
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To keep humidity in your chameleon's enclosure (which needs to be screen) you can mist his or her plants with a plant mister or get an automated misting system. It is also helpful to have a humidifier where your chameleon is kept.

Please do some research on the animal before you purchase it. LOTS of research. And don't hesitate to ask questions.

No veiled chameleons cannot turn pink. :p
i knew they couldnt turn pink but is it to hot for them having in the day 85 and at night 80
80's should be fine. A nice 10-15 degree temperature drop at night is also preferred. Use a ultra sonic mist humidifier in the room where he is kept if your humidity is too low. They work great.
I actually used a thermometer and found that the room gets into the 70s when the door is closed but thanks anyways:)
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