1. B

    What should i do about temps?

    I have got everything i need for my chameleon i have just set things up and getting temps right before the chameleon comes i have a bit of a dilemma. For the top basking spot i am using a 100w bulb and i was wandering if chameleons climb the mesh on the screen enclosure because i had it a few...
  2. yoteango

    :eek:I live in Arizona where it is hot and is this to hot for a veiled.

    I am working on getting one and does any one know if a drop just down from 85 degrees down to 80 is to hot. It would be like this for at least 2 months a year. And does anyone know how to keep humidity in a room. I wont get it this summer but for next year is it OK or should i get a cheap a/c...
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